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    Homemade Gluten Free Matzo

    gluten free matzo

    image courtesy of Gluten Free Canteen

    It seems like a gluten free diet is as common as a vegetarian or vegan diet these days.  Here is a great recipe for Gluten Free Matzo, just in time for Passover.

    Courtesy of Gluten Free Canteen

    Homemade Gluten Free Matzo

    • 8 ounces of GF flours including starch
    • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
    • 4 ounces of warm (almost hot) water

    Preheat oven to 450 and get two sheet pans ready – nonstick or lined with parchment that can take high heat.

    Using a whisk, mix up the flours, starch and salt in a bowl.  Begin the timer for 18 minutes and add some of the water.  Using a fork, mix quickly until the dough comes together.  I used almost the entire 4 ounces of water, but add a little and then add more just in case your flour is feeling slightly moist that day.

    As soon as it comes together, grab the dough and quickly knead it for a few turns.  Divide in half and then halves again.  I rolled them into balls and placed them on a parchment piece that I cut for the baking sheet.

    Using plastic wrap, cover the dough balls and smash them flat.  Using a rolling-pin, quickly flatten them into the best rounds you can – they won’t be evenly round unless you have magic rolling skills.  Don’t worry about that.   As soon as they are as thin as you can make the dough – pull off the plastic wrap (carefully) and dock them with a fork.

    Work quickly!  Do the same for the other dough balls.  Grab the parchment and place the whole thing on the baking sheets and get them in the oven.  If you’ve worked quickly enough you will have about 10-11 minutes left.  Rotate them halfway through but keep an eye on them.  Some people find they bake in about half the remaining time, but I needed the entire time.

    For one batch that was a little thick, I flipped them over halfway as well as rotating the baking sheets.

    Let them cool completely.

    Matzo!  Not kosher for Passover, but nonetheless – matzo you can eat.