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    One of the most extensive wine selections in the state of Michigan. All our 750ml wines are 20% off all the time, with no limits on purchases. We carry wines from all over the world, including Michigan local wines and limited production wines.  Market Square will happily host a wine tasting at your home or next event.

    Suggestions For Wine Pairings:


    Barolo: A plummy fruit flavor wine with high levels of tannin. Barolo’s tend to do best when their rich full flavors are paired with rich, full foods.  Enjoy Barolo with full lamb and beef dishes and stews.  Try rich, earthy mushroom sauces.  For cheese, pair with dry, aged, high flavor cheeses.

    Cabernet Sauvignon: A good cab is great for a formal dinner. Enjoy cabernet sauvignon with beef, duck, lamb, roast chicken, wild game.  Cabernet is not normally paired with seafood but works with meaty fish like Tuna when served rare.  Sauces include, meat stocks, pepper, red wine.

    Chianti: The bright acidity in Chianti helps it go well with dishes which also include some acidity, such as pasta in a tomato sauce, lasagna, meatballs, dishes with bell peppers, appetizers with a bit of acidity, or simple meat dishes such as roast beef.

    Merlot: Merlot pairs great with tuna, salmon, beef, duck, and squab.  For sauces try meat, mushroom, and red wine based sauces.  Great vegetables to enjoy alongside Merlot are mushrooms and wild rice.  Cheese pairings include mild cow and goat cheese.

    Pinot Noir: Does well with lighter flavors and mild red meat.  It pairs well with grilled, roasted, or sauteed foods.  Good seafood pairings are salmon and tuna.  Meat pairings included mildly prepared beef, duck, ham, and quail.  Sauces include basil, butter, lavender, mustard, red wine, and thyme.

    Sangiovese: This wine’s bright acidity pairs best with chicken in tomato sauce, meatballs, veal, lasagna, and pizza.

    Shiraz / Syrah: This big wine needs the big flavors of  spicy meats and stews, and any sauces that aren’t too acidic. Don’t pair this with delicate or mild foods.


    Champagne: Champagne and other sparkling wines are predominantly made from two grapes: Pinot Noir, which adds richness and fullness, and Chardonnay, which is lighter and more elegant.  Champagnes are rated in terms of the amount of residual sugar they have, from driest to sweetest.  Best paired with caviar, lobster, oysters, and lightly seasoned chicken.

    Chardonnay: Enjoy Chardonnay with full flavored dishes which have been grilled, roasted, or sauteed.  Its full flavors and complexity goes well with cool weather.  Seafood pairings include, lobster, flavorful fish like sea bass, shrimp.  Meats include white meat like chicken, turkey, and pork.  Complementary sauces are basil, butter, cream, garlic, and saffron. Chardonnay also pairs well with green vegetables.

    Gewurztraminer: The rich flavors of Gewurztraminer make it a match for fresh fruit.  The full flavors pairs well with chicken, fish, turkey, and cheese.  When made in an off-dry style, it has the spice and sweetness to keep up with spicy Indian or Chinese food.  For cheese, pair with hard swiss cheese.

    Riesling: The leaner Northern style Riesling tends to go better with ham, oysters, lean shellfish, and veal. The fuller Southern style Riesling tends to go better with simple chicken or fish dishes, fowl, or richer-flavored shellfish such as lobster.

    Sauvignon Blanc: Enjoy with delicately flavored foods or slightly acidic dishes.  It does well with grilled or sauteed foods as well as raw vegetables. Its crisp, straightforward flavor goes well with warm weather and casual meals.  Seafood pairings include crab, raw oysters, scallops, shrimp, and smoked seafood.  Sauces include citrus, vinaigrettes.

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